Last night I had another dream about her

She was warm and fuzzy and tiny like when we found her
And we rolled around in grass like we never did in real life.

I don’t miss any of the good things about her at all because those
were easy to enjoy.

I miss her barking so much my ears hurt
I miss her awful doggie smell
I miss her being spaztic and anxious
Exactly like I am
Extremely excited and euphoric
to meet new people, new dogs, new stuff.

I miss having to leave her alone for 12 hours a day
Having to clean her excitement pee when we finally got to be together again
Having to clean her foul-smelling toilet
I miss her screaming like a dying animal
At bath time.

“I’ll call social dog services”, the neighbour jokingly remarked
“Because I’m sure you’re killing this puppy”.