I’m made of such smallness
yet I know of such

I know what it is
to have flames coming out of my fingers to light their bonfires.
I’m the in-between
tenderly becoming nothing.

I’m so small I kick and fight
I’m disappearing
I’m not disappearing,
I disappeared
And NO ONE’S watching
And I’m emptiness
And being such emptiness
Is so fucking lonely
I want to die
And from my non existence
will rise their togetherness.

I bathe in truth
and love
and unity
I am that small: all of
the beauty does not fit
into me

I give myself a headache
Emptiness feels pain
Emptiness cannot feel no pain.

I got married to fifty people last month
Yet I’m bummed
Bummed the prettiness and the tininess
did not come home with me
(though we are but one and the same)
nor they ever will

How tiny is that?
I am made of pure truth
I’m so fucking